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Equine Law

South Florida, and specifically Wellington, has become known as the equestrian capital of the world. Competitors, lifelong horsemen, sponsors and enthusiasts of the horse sports across many different disciplines choose to make Florida their home for the winter months. Our attorneys strive to assist those individuals in any way we can.

Morris Laing’s Lawyers represent individuals and businesses in equine-related matters by striving to resolve transactions efficiently, cost effectively, and with the highest degree of transparency for all parties involved. We take a pro-active approach toward minimizing conflict and enhancing protection of our clients in each and every transaction.

Our attorneys have a background in the equine industry managing, competing, and working alongside top national athletes and veterinarians. Furthermore, Morris Laing has the law-based resources to respond to the needs faced by equestrian athletes and their horses. We recognize that equine law is specialized as much for the way in which we understand our clients’ relationship to the horse as it is for the nuances of the sport itself.

In an effort to better serve the needs of our clients throughout the United States and abroad in all aspects of the equine transaction, we have established relationships with attorneys throughout Europe to assist us in better serving our client’s international needs which continue to influence the equestrian sport and equine business practices globally.

Morris Laing offers a full range of equine law services in the United States:

Equine Contracting

We provide national and international contracting relating to equine sales and purchase and/or lease agreements, sponsor contracts, agency and business agreements, stud book and breeding agreements, as well as partnership and syndication agreements.

Equine Law Counseling and Advice

We provide assistance during the process of purchasing or selling of horses, including negotiations, supervision during the veterinary examinations for purchases and sale, drafting contracts and agreements. We work with clients to provide and obtain full veterinary and competition history. We also advise clients regarding their rights and obligations as sellers, buyers, and commissioners in the equine industry.


As equestrian sports continue grow on the international level, and a rider and their support staff become global competitors and entrepreneurs. Thus, application for immigrant and nonimmigrant visas becomes a facet of the successful equine business. Our familiarity with show jumping, dressage, eventing, driving, reining, polo, steeplechase, flat racing and foxhunting is integral to facilitating that process for our clients’ needs. Our firm understands the nature of our clients’ skills and experience and focuses on the needs of riders, trainers and the support staff that are vital to the top echelons of the horse industry in order to help secure the appropriate visa.


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