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To appreciate the significance of the firm’s hiring philosophy, one need only look at the caliber of our existing talent. Throughout our 75+ year history, the firm has sought to hire only the most qualified individuals — bright and motivated men and women capable of fulfilling and developing the practice areas which best satisfy the needs of our clients.

In prospective associates, the firm looks for the skills and desire to engage in the private practice of law, the motivation to improve one’s self professionally and personally, and the commitment to serve the client over the long term, with timely and superior legal services.

We seek a similar level of desire and commitment from prospective members of our staff. Candidates for secretarial positions and support personnel must be highly motivated and demonstrate proficiency in the necessary skills of the job.


The firm views its summer clerkship program as a potential resource for new associates. The program is designed to expose summer law clerks to the private practice of law, while providing them an opportunity to advance their education and further develop the skills acquired in law school. The program gives the firm an opportunity to observe and evaluate each clerk’s skills and interaction with firm attorneys.

The clerkship program generally runs from mid-May to mid-August. Candidates are expected to have completed at least one year of law school, and must rank in the top-one third of their class.

For further information regarding career opportunities, please contact:

Human Resources Manager
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