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As 2017 begins, it is a good time to consider reviewing and updating your Employment Handbook, making sure it is consistent with your current practices and with current employment laws.Employment handbook

If you have a drug testing policy, a recently enacted OSHA rule may require it to be updated. Effective December 1, 2016, this rule, which strengthens OSHA’s anti-retaliation provisions for reporting of workplace injuries, also requires employers to have a reasonable way for employees to report injuries.

If your company has a policy of mandatory post-accident drug testing, you may be in violation of the new OSHA rules. Employers must have an objectively reasonable basis for drug testing, and the occurrence of an accident – alone – is not considered a reasonable basis.

Remember also that you must have posted the required OSHA poster, which can be found here.

Under the newly elected federal administration, 2017 is bound to bring changes in the employment law area. From the fate of the new FLSA salary regulations to EEOC enforcement, we will keep you appraised of any news that may impact your workplace.

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