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Three Tips to Ensure You and Your Students Have a Successful Academic Year

Our goal at Morris Laing is to keep your life running smoothly. As your children head back to school, here are three tips to ensure you and your students have the most successful academic year.

DID YOU KNOW when you co-sign on your child’s lease, you may be liable not only for unpaid rent, but damage to the property caused by ANY TENANTS on the lease, not just your child.  Read the lease carefully toCollege Student determine the scope of liability and talk with your insurance agent to see if your homeowner’s policy covers your child while not living at home. Find out what other coverage may be necessary to protect you from liability, as renter’s insurance generally only protects personal property.

DID YOU KNOW your children can be on your healthcare coverage as dependents until they reach the age of 26, even if they are married, not living with you, attending school or not financially dependent on you.

DID YOU KNOW typical college pranks that occurred “back in the day” are now being charged as serious criminal matters. Drinking challenges, dares to perform dangerous activities, etc. can lead to serious aggravated battery charges and even murder or manslaughter charges. The age-old “panty raid” is now being charged as burglary to a dwelling, a felony offense.

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